Do Google really want to help you with SEO?

I believe Google do want to help you with SEO and provide advice on the correct way to set up your website.

Google have written a very good and comprehensive official SEO guide to help you achieve higher rankings and get more traffic.

We all know there are a million pages out there on the internet with SEO advice, but unless you can 100% trust the source of information, can you rely on that advice?

Another thing to remember is the SEO goal posts keep moving and is sometimes difficult to know which is the right and wrong advice, the wrong advice can have you making changes that could actually harm your websites performance. Contrary to what you might think, Google actually want you to get higher rankings in the SERP’s, so they have put out an official FREE report that gives you their formula for getting higher rankings in their search engine.

I think we can assume that this is probably the best resource available for learning all about SEO and how to rank on Google.  They give you all the information you need, so you know exactly what is important to Google. It has 32 pages of valuable content and below is a brief outline of what’s included.

  • SEO Basics, including create unique, accurate page titles and making use of the “Description” meta tag.
  • Improving Site Structure, improving the Structure of your URLs and making your website easier to navigate.
  • Optimizing Content, write better anchor text, offer quality content, optimize your use of images.
  • SEO for mobile devices, notifying Google of mobile sites.
  • Dealing with crawlers, make effective use of robots.txt etc. Notify Google of mobile sites.And much, more…

Get Google’s Free SEO Starter Guide: It contains very specific information, and in my humble opinion is a must read even if you’re an experienced SEO guy or gal.

Update: This is the latest version of the Starter Guide for 2020