Hi, I’m Vince Squires and I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog.

Well here we are, I’ll just tell it as it is and hope you enjoy hearing a bit about me and my history off and online!

Firstly, the most important things in my life are my fantastic wife and family, because without them the rest would be meaningless! Being blessed in this way makes life’s successes so much more enjoyable, and the failures easier to deal with. We live in Dorset in the UK after living in the USA for 10 years and moving back to the UK in June 2010.

After running bricks and mortar businesses I started my first online venture in 2007 with affiliate websites and Adsense.

In my spare time, while running bricks and mortar businesses, I had started learning about marketing products as an affiliate and all the related stuff like building websites, SEO, online video etc, etc. And like most people who start out in the IM business I bought a load of products, some good and some bad, and was also as guilty as anyone for chasing the next “shiny object”.

It takes a while before your B.S. radar fully kicks in!

I didn’t make much money at first, but I quickly realised that if I could make a success of this it really was possible to run your business from anywhere you had a computer and internet connection. The ultimate dream for me and my itchy feet! In the meantime I used my new skills to help local business owners improve their online exposure using marketing videos and SEO, as well as other local search marketing techniques. Something I still do.

When we got back to the UK I continued working with offline clients but decided to get more serious about online marketing for myself and worked at building my affiliate marketing expertise including building funnels and email lists.

There’s no doubt that the internet marketing industry is a crazy world and is still like the “wild west” compared to most other business types I’ve been familiar with, yet it seems to have an irresistable allure, which is no doubt why there is so much B.S. in this industry. It’s hard to find people you can rely on, but they are out there! Have faith…


What do I enjoy in my spare time…

I like to keep fit and eat healthily nothing too crazy, walking and enjoying my hobby, fishing. We’re fortunate to live in West Dorset with plenty of opportunity for sea and fresh water angling as well as dozens of spectacular walks.

I like watching a good movie, reading, learning more about online marketing and listening to music, anything from Pink Floyd to Andrea Bocelli, and of course spending time with my brilliant family.

Always remember, life is what happens while you’re making plans!



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